[NCL Members] Opportunity to comment on ED priorities

Judy Mortrude jmortrude at clasp.org
Mon Oct 16 15:02:44 EDT 2017

Secretary of Education Seeks Comment on Published Priorities for Use in the Department's Discretionary Grant Programs

The Secretary of Education today (October 12) has outlined eleven priorities and related definitions for use in the Department's discretionary grant programs<https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2017-10-12/pdf/2017-22127.pdf> that are in place today or may  exist in the future "in order to support and strengthen the work that educators do every day in collaboration with parents, advocates, and community members."

The Secretary may choose to include an entire priority within a grant program or merely one or more of its component parts. These proposed priorities and definitions are intended to replace the current supplemental priorities published on December 10, 2014.

Comments are due by November 13.

Proposed Priority 1--Empowering Families to Choose a High-Quality

Education that Meets Their Child's Unique Needs

Note WIOA reference

Proposed Priority 2--Promoting Innovation and Efficiency,

Streamlining Education with an Increased Focus on Improving Student Outcomes, and Providing Increased Value to Students and Taxpayers.

Proposed Priority 3--Fostering Flexible and Affordable Paths to

Obtaining Knowledge and Skills.

Note WIOA references

Proposed Priority 4--Fostering Knowledge and Promoting the

Development of Skills that Prepare Students to be Informed, Thoughtful, and Productive Individuals and Citizens.

Note WIOA reference

Proposed Priority 5--Meeting the Unique Needs of Students and Children, including those with Disabilities and/or with Unique Gifts and Talents

Proposed Priority 6--Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education, With a Particular Focus on Computer Science

Note WIOA reference

Proposed Priority 7--Promoting Literacy.

Note WIOA reference

Proposed Priority 8--Promoting Effective Instruction in Classrooms and Schools.

Note WIOA reference

Proposed Priority 9--Promoting Economic Opportunity.

Proposed Priority 10--Encouraging Improved School Climate and Safer and More Respectful Interactions in a Positive and Safe Educational Environment.

Proposed Priority 11--Ensuring that Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families Have Access to High-Quality Educational Choices.

Note there are sixteen references to "credential(s)" in the full text;  four references to "employers"; seven references to "in-demand industry sectors";

five references to "apprenticeship"; and three references to "career pathways."

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