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Michele Diecuch mdiecuch at proliteracy.org
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Hi everyone,
Below are the notes from yesterday's public policy call. Please feel free to edit for anything I've missed or that is incorrect.
Michele Diecuch

Attending: Regina Suitt, Laura Porfirio, Kevin Maher, Jeff Carter, Jim Parker, Sharon Bonney, Tom Nash, JoAnn Weinberger, Michele Bellso, Michele Diecuch, Ben Davis, Peter Waite

National WIOA Convening - D.C.:
Convening of state officials responsible for developing state plans for WIOA implementation. Jeff Carter attended and indicated that approximately 40 state directors (or staff) were there. Other than NCSDAE and a few workforce associations, no education associations were invited. Jeff's sense was that there were good conversations between DOE and DOL representatives. Due to the weather changing the schedule somewhat, a plenary session about the DOE's role in WIOA was eliminated, which was a missed opportunity for educating DOL. OCTAE took a strong position on the illegality of Title II programs to collect social security numbers.
Schedule updates:
1) The deadline for state plans was extended to April 1 (was March 1).
2) Final WIOA regulations will be released in June.

Appropriations for FY2017:
A 302(b) allocations letter has been circulated in support of increased funding for Labor-HHS-Education appropriations. The deadline is tomorrow, 2/5.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17tjXbT_0FsLhhqThv3xy2umG9hRhns6hW9mqDQiXmWc/viewform
Several NCL members have signed. Jeff Carter will sign on behalf of NCL. We expect that FY2017 will generally operate under the budget deal from 2015, so not much change is expected. Peter Waite stressed that other funding sources are available outside of Education. For example, AmeriCorps received a $50 million increase for FY16. Jim Parker mentioned that it would be beneficial to have a list of other sources (SNAP, Libraries, others?). Jeff encouraged NCL members to share others via the NCL listserv. Jim Parker suggested that we ask OCTAE to provide a list of other funding sources-Peter will look into this.

OCTAE/DAEL 15-7: Integrated English Literacy and Civics under WIOA:
The consensus is that OCTAE's document outlining the provisions for English literacy and civics education for ELL under Title II did not provide substantive information. A lot more clarification is needed on the instructional changes that will be needed. Jeff encouraged members to review recent work and reactions by MPI.
For reference: http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ovae/pi/AdultEd/octae-program-memo-15-7-ielce.pdf

Changes with the GED:
GEDTS recently changed the pass score from 150 to 145. General feedback is that there are pros and cons to this change. Jim Parker and Michele Bellso commented on the reaction that this was a major marketing surge for GEDTS based on lower numbers of test takers and passing rates. However, the recalibrated score provides the opportunity for 25,000+ learners to retroactively receive a GED credential. Link to the article that Michele B. referenced: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-02-01/ged-common-core-changes-highlight-that-college-isnt-for-everyone

Presidential Survey:
The presidential survey has been posted and shared on NCL's website and listserv. Many coalition members have re-posted to their respective networks. We received our first official response from a representative in NH thanks to a contact by David Rosen. ProLiteracy posted the questions to ChangePolitics.org, a site that encourages individuals to pose questions to presidential candidates. The public then votes on questions they would most like answered. Two of our questions received the top ranking in the Education section. In addition, of all 1,336 questions posted across all categories, NCL's questions ranked 19th and 20th. The voting deadline was 1/31, and we expect candidates to respond this week. Link to the candidate survey, fact sheet, and letter: http://national-coalition-literacy.org/

Coalition activities/Caucus:
NCL plans to revitalize the House Caucus. Hopes are to have a Caucus briefing/event in D.C. in the spring. If a spring event doesn't work, we will aim for AEFL Week in September. Spring is preferred, as it will continue to be harder to gain attention the closer we get to the election. Jeff asked for suggestions on focus topics for the briefing-post suggestions to the NCL listserv. Dates and further details will be shared soon. In addition, COABE is planning Hill Days in April and September with the help of Gene Sofer (NCSDAE).

Next PP call: March 2, 4:00 eastern

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Thanks for the update on the recent blog by Sec. King.     Very relevant to our work.   On our policy call we can touch base on this as well.    Would be interested to know if anyone was at the convening.

Here is an draft agenda for our call next Wednesday at 4pm EST.   607-477-2100  passcode 240804#    Judy will not be able to make this call so we will self moderate on this call.


National WIOA convening
OCTAE/DAEL 15-7 on IEL Civics - reactions?
GED testing service announcement - potential to advocate for use of GED as placement test? Credit for prior learning test?
WIOA state plan changed due date
ProLiteracy candidate survey update

Please forward any other items of note.

Talk to everyone next week.


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Subject: [NCL Members] John B. King, Jr.: Workforce Training Programs Should Consider Equity

NCL Members -

I thought you might be interested in the following article that appeared on Education Week yesterday:

Workforce Training Programs Should Consider Equity, Acting Ed. Secretary Says

States, communities, school districts, non-profits, and the federal government need to make sure equity is the watchword for implementation of the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (aka that other big education law Congress was able to push over the finish line in recent years).

That was the message John B. King Jr., the acting U.S. Secretary of Education, delivered Tuesday to the Workforce Opportunity and Investment Act national convening, a conference of 700 state leaders and other organizations working to implement the new law.

King is hoping that job training facilities, community colleges, and adult-education providers will think about the needs of English-language learners, minority students, low-income students, students with disabilities parents, and other "nontraditional" students as they implement WIOA, which generally governors job training programs.

The landscape for postsecondary education has shifted in recent years, King said.

"The nontraditional has become the traditional," said King. "The defining postsecondary student is the student who needs support beyond just enrollment in that post-secondary opportunity."

He urged job training programs, post-secondary institutions, and other adult education providers to think about potential barriers students might face in completing their training or degree, such as lack of access to child care or transportation.

And he encouraged them to think carefully about teacher development. For instance, programs may need to ensure that they have bilingual staff and have trainers who understand the needs of adults who may be juggling other jobs and families.

If King's message on WOIA sounds familiar, that's because it's pretty similar to his messaging on the Every Student Succeeds Act, the latest iteration of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which also puts a heavy emphasis on equity.

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