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Thanks Jeff. As noted on the NCL call today, COABE will be submitting a question. I’ll be at the CEF Meeting on Friday as well representing COABE. See you then.

Safe travels,

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Latest from CEF.

Note the request from Sen. Murray’s staff for questions for Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos — either for the Committee’s nomination hearing, in one-on-one meetings — or written, for the record. I’d be curious if any NCL members plan on sending any questions

I’ll be at the CEF annual meeting Friday to represent NCL. (I think it was included in a previous message, but FYI I am on the slate as proposed vice president for 2017.) David Urban will be our guest speaker — he also works at ACG, the firm that represents CEF, but not on CEF stuff directly. Sheryl asked him to come because he worked on the Trump campaign and continues to serve as an advisor. Should be an interesting conversation.


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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dear CEF Members:

I. Annual meeting

•        CEF’s annual meeting, elections, and Trump advisor on Friday, December 16 -- Attendance is vital, as we need a quorum when we hold elections for next year’s board.  Thanks to the University of California for hosting!  The meeting will be from 9-11:30am at 1608 Rhode Island Ave, NW, 1st Floor Auditorium.  Call-in number 800-371-9219; Conference ID 9380459

•        Presentation from Trump advisor – The meeting will start with a presentation from senior Trump advisor and ACG partner, David Urban, at 9:10 am.  Please note the early start time – agenda is attached – and that we will wrap up by 11:30am.

•        Procedures for voting in person or via conference call – Per the CEF bylaws and the “CEF Nominations and Elections Procedures” memo we circulated this fall from the Committee on Nominations and Elections, each CEF member organization gets one vote. There is no proxy voting, as you must be present to vote. However, you may vote electronically if you are present on the conference call during the election, and if you register in advance for an absentee ballot by contacting Alex Hoffberg (Hoffberg at cef.org<mailto:Hoffberg at cef.org>) by 3pm on Wednesday.  At the time of the election, we’ll email you a link to a ballot that we will then receive anonymously.

•        2016 report, 2017 plans, Member recognition – We will also lay out exciting plans for next year’s advocacy and events, and recognize those who have participated on committees this last year.
II. Advocacy

•       Questions for Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos – Senator Murray (D-WA), ranking member of the Senate HELP Committee, is soliciting questions to ask Betsy DeVos during the Committee’s nomination hearing, in one-on-one meetings, or for the record.  CEF is working with Senator Murray’s staff but if you or your organization have a question or material you’d like to submit directly, the deadline is Thursday, December 15.  Please send material to Sarah Bolton (Sarah_Bolton at help.senate.gov<mailto:Sarah_Bolton at help.senate.gov>), Carly Rush (Carly_Rush at help.senate.gov<mailto:Carly_Rush at help.senate.gov>), or Manuel Contreras (Manuel_Contreras at help.senate.gov<mailto:Manuel_Contreras at help.senate.gov>).  They are looking for tightly drafted questions that will elicit detailed, precise answers.  They are also collecting any statements or letters your organization has released about the nomination – please send those to Manuel.

III. Policy Intelligence and Education News

•       Money matters – A study<http://www.nber.org/papers/w22011> by the National Bureau of Economic Research concluded that money really does matter in education.  The study found that education reforms since 1990 aimed at ensuring adequate funding led to sustained increases in funding for low-income schools and to increases in student achievement.  It evaluated individual scores on the nationwide National Assessment of Education Progress before and after changes in spending.  Kevin Carey of New America wrote about the study<http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/12/nyregion/it-turns-out-spending-more-probably-does-improve-education.html?_r=0> in the New York Times.  It certainly matters how the funding is spent, but this type of data can help our advocacy efforts.

My best,


Sheryl V. Cohen, Executive Director

1800 M Street, NW
Suite 500 South
Washington, DC 20036
T: 202-327-8125
cohen at cef.org<mailto:cohen at cef.org>

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