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Thanks for these comprehensive notes. My sincere apologies for missing the call. I unfortunately was down for the count for two days with a stomach flu! The only positive side note is that I lost my appetite… and 10 lbs!
I see that COABE was mentioned several times. Is there anything that needs to be clarified or that requires some follow-up from me?

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Thanks for these great notes, Judy, and for the follow-up message about the policy call on January 3.

To follow up on the matter of the email from HMH, I spoke with a rep today who was deeply apologetic. It turns out that the reference to AEFL Week was an error — a fragment left in the e-newsletter template from the September edition. As a professional editor who has been known to commit such faux pas myself, I can certainly sympathize.


On Dec 7, 2016, at 4:56 PM, Judy Mortrude <jmortrude at clasp.org<mailto:jmortrude at clasp.org>> wrote:

Here are the instant notes from the call – with my ask that those who joined should feel free to add/edit anything I’ve missed/misinterpreted.  Thanks!

12/07/2016 NCL Policy Call
NOTE THE NEW CALL IN # 641-715-0861; 240804#
Attending: Silja, Deborah, Peter, Michele, Joann, Cynthia, Judy, Laura, Taj, Blaire, Carol, others?
1.  Budget - Continuing Resolution

•         .19% overall cut

  *   Would fund through 4/28
  *   Includes funding for the 21st Century Cures program that Congress will very likely act on in the Lame Duck.
  *   Includes an extension of funding in the Ag Department for the summer EBT demonstration project
  *   Extends the Miners’ health benefits through 4/28 (and Sen. Manchin apparently wants this extended beyond that time)
  *   Added $300 million in HHS for refugee assistance
  *   Funding to help Social Security deal with the backlog of disability cases
  *   HUD: Public and Indian rental assistance (per President Obama’s request.)  However no added $$ for Section 8 vouchers
  *   $1.8 billion for disaster relief via the Community Dev Fund
  *   $500 million for HHS to address opioids
  *   $170 million for Flint (this was the lower amount that had been requested). However, there’s some question as to whether that money will be available in the absence of the Water bill passing.
  *   More $$ for Defense?
  *   $300 million to State Dept for international migration and refugee assistance
  *   Includes a provision requested by POTUS to delay the imposition of sequestration during this CR period—meaning that if it’s imposed, it would happen during the remainder of the fiscal year.

•         House will take up the bill on Thursday, forcing the Senate to act quickly to beat the deadline. Slight chance that there would be a very temporary stop-gap measure to give the Senate more time. It includes the General Mattis exception.
2.       New administration (concerns, opportunities?)
•         Potential for significant cuts in FY 17 budget – Cuts to Non Defense Discretionary (NDD) across the board.  Most states are re-competing funds this year so maybe they will have to rescind funds if WIOA title II funds are cut July 1, 2017
•         Betsy DeVos – connected to Jeb Bush’s excellence in education, connection to Liza McFadden, DeVos is a donor to the BB Fdn. Peter has reached out to Liza to broker a conversation on behalf of NCL and Deborah will follow up.
•         Gov Pence was supportive of adult education charter schools (Goodwill Industries).  Interesting to explore but red flag about lack of funding for low level ESL – Judy will follow up and copy Deborah
•         WIOA regulations could be rescinded if there’s an overarching claw back
•         Watching out for sweeping statement on not using federal funds for those without work authorization

•         Major advocacy work – COABE/State Directors are gearing up for advocacy.  NCL needs to be as coordinated as possible, coordinated message, coordinated timing – or message will get lost in the number of voices who will be speaking.  Need to be targeted about who we visit and what we say when we got to visit.  Need to figure out who we be aligned with
3.       Debrief on “adult charter school” event
•         Potential increase of funding for charter schools, this might be a window for states that do not fund adult charter schools. BRIA is a great family literacy model.  Blair will reach out around family literacy.
•         Need to carefully broker this discussion so as not to take away from WIOA title II.
•         Goodwill Industries is interested in positioning itself to be the national player in adult education charter schools because of their reach (150+) across the country.
•         BB Fdn is doing a follow on paper from this event.  Judy will re-post to NCL when it comes up.
•         Maryland is doing research in response to a legislative ask, coming out in mid-December.
•         David Rosen has a list, might be another LINCS event on this topic shortly
•         Johan Uvin is making a big push on adult charters to shift the focus of locus of control/funding to the state and local level

•         YouthBuild International – charters in multiple places
4.       NCL presentations in 2017 – COABE? NAWB? Others?
•         We all need to be much more aware, consistent and coordinating with one another about what we’re doing

•         NCL doesn’t have a budget for this, so it’s more about coordinating and branding
5.       January 3rd joint policy call with NAEPDC on Integrated Education & Training
•         Share results of survey that’s been in the field for a couple of months
•         World Education webinars have been popular; Ellen Hewit and Andy Nash could share some information
•         Carol – Created IET guide for 3 regional workforce boards in Pennsylvania; state interpretation is going to play a big role in how IET rolls out (will post to their website and let NCL know). Getting basic skills and occupational skills folks to plan together.  Will be pre-conference topic at COABE
•         Peter: In the context of public policy call, “what are the potential national policy implications of this” that we should have in consideration

•         Judy will sent out invitation and all-call to anyone who wants to present some information
6.  Future Forward Newsletter –  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – celebrating adult education and family literacy in the month of December?? – Deborah will investigate

Judy Mortrude

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