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Hi, everyone,
With all the AEFL Week activity last week, I didn't get a chance to forward this message to NCL until now. If any of you have suggestions on how to share ideas or resources with this Peace Corps volunteer, please feel free to contact him directly at paulctindall at gmail.com. For adult education,

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--------- Original Message --------- Subject: PC Malawi - teaching illiterate adults community development
From: "Paul Tindall" <paulctindall at gmail.com>
Date: 9/18/15 7:07 am
To: ncl at ncladvocacy.org

 My name is Paul Tindall, and I am a Peace Corps volunteer working in
 the health sector in Malawi. We have a program we run here called
 SOLID, teaching community members about community assessment,
 community development, project design and management, and professional
 skills - along with various sector-specific issues that can be covered
 in supplemental lesson planning.
 However, as I'm sure you can imagine, many of us PCVs in Malawi (and
 no doubt the world) regularly interact with and are asked to teach
 people who cannot read or write. I am interested in augmenting SOLID,
 or providing additional resources, so that it can also be taught most
 effectively to people who are illiterate, or with very little
 I don't know if you can help but if you can provide me with some
 resources, contacts of who might be able to help, or anything, that
 would be fantastic. Thanks so much for your help!
 Paul Tindall
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