[NCL Members] "Doing It All: Successes and Challenges in Teaching Adult Education"

Jackie Taylor jackie at jataylor.net
Fri Sep 25 15:04:50 EDT 2015

Dear NCL Colleagues:

I'm happy to share that the LINCS Evidence-based Professional Development
and Program Management Groups are hosting a guest discussion, "Doing It All:
Successes and Challenges in Adult Education," beginning this Tuesday,
September 29th. I think it is a particularly important discussion to have in
light of the recent OCTAE Blog co-authored by Johan Uvin and Gail
Spangenberg, "Throwing Down the Gauntlet for Professional Development
/> ."

Please see below and share this announcement with all who you think would be
interested in participating.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Jackie Taylor


"Doing It All": Successes and Challenges in Teaching Adult Education

September 29 - October 2, 2015


The landscape for adult learners in the 21st century has changed, and with
it the roles and expectations of adult educators. Adult educators prepare
adult learners to pass rigorous high school equivalency exams, be digital
age learners with the reading, writing, numeracy, and critical thinking
skills needed to be competitive in today's economy, and successfully
transition to college and careers. They design engaging lessons aligned with
new college and career readiness standards. Many also teach in a
linguistically diverse classroom while helping immigrants integrate into
society and participate in civic life. The vast majority do this part-time
while often juggling multiple jobs in order to make ends meet.


Join us for a guest discussion with adult educator Anurag Sagar to explore
the evolving demands on 21st century adult educators and what we can do to
help them be as successful as possible in their roles.


Dr. Anurag Sagar is a veteran adult literacy educator.  She has worked in
the field since 1991 in a variety of capacities and is currently an ESL
coach for the Pennsylvania Implementation Support Services.


To Participate:


Join either the Evidence-based Professional Development
t>  or Program Management
<https://community.lincs.ed.gov/group/program-management>  LINCS CoPs. We
would like this to be a grassroots discussion from the field. So please
invite all who you think have something to contribute! Directions on how to
join and participate are below.


Many thanks,


Jackie Taylor, Moderator

Evidence-based Professional Development


How to Join the LINCS Community and Groups


The guest discussion takes place in the Evidence-based Practice and Program
Management Groups within the LINCS Communities of Practice (COP). To join:


1.      If you are not a member of the LINCS CoP, visit:
https://community.lincs.ed.gov/ to create an account.


2.      Once logged in, click the "Groups" tab in the horizontal navigation.


3.      You will be directed to a list of groups you can join. Select either
"Evidence-based Professional Development" or "Program Management".


4.      You will be redirected to that group's home page. On the right you
have the option to set your Email Subscription.


5.      Select "Immediate" from the drop down menu (you can always change
this to another setting after the guest discussion.). 


6.      Click "Submit".


You will then receive an email notice when someone posts. To comment or
reply, just log in to the LINCS CoP. Then click the link in your email to be
directed to the post itself and to a comment box where you can contribute
your thinking on the issue.



Jackie Taylor, Moderator

Evidence-based Professional Development | <mailto:Jackie at jataylor.net>
Jackie at jataylor.net |  <https://twitter.com/jataylor10> @jataylor10



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