[NCL Members] new NCL messaging for AEFL Week - please pass it along!

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Sat Sep 19 07:49:53 EDT 2015

If you could only read as well as a third grader, what would it be like to apply for a job?
If you couldn't speak English, what would you say to your child's teacher on Back-to-School Night?
 If you couldn't do basic math, what would it be like to pay your bills each month?
  Making a better life for yourself and your family is the American Dream. But that dream is out of reach to millions of Americans, native and foreign born, because they struggle to read, write, do basic math, and speak English--and we're all paying the price. It's a problem we can't fix without your help.
Just in time for the upcoming AEFL Week, NCL is very excited to share its hot-off-the-press messaging about adult education (the sample above comes from that messaging). You can find customizable messaging for direct service providers, donors, and policy makers on our AEFL Week Resources page. Please share as widely as you can with your networks. Let's get the word out - thank you!
Margaret Patterson, PhD
NCL board secretary
Senior Researcher
R-ALLY: Research Allies for Lifelong Learning
Vienna, VA
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