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Thanks for sharing, Jackie.

What are other groups/individuals doing?

BTW, House and Senate resolutions recognizing AEFL week are in the works. Like last year, a bit late, but better late then never. I’ll forward co-sponsor info to the list as soon as I have it.


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> On Sep 1, 2015, at 5:51 PM, Jackie Taylor <jackie at jataylor.net> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I wanted to share with you what COABE is doing for AEFL Week <http://www.coabe.org/aefl-week/>. In particular, those of you on Twitter might wish to join us in the twitter campaign online here <http://www.coabe.org/aefl-week-tweets> and pasted below. The tweets are from Tom Sticht’s “ABCs of Investing in Adult Education” and we’re actually starting the tweeting now through 9/26. 
> Also new is the Keys to Success Campaign, which encourages students and practitioners to post a picture of their key to success in adult education to COABE’s Facebook page. Incentives include drawings for a conference registration and phone chargers. 
> Please help us to get the word out and I look forward to seeing you in Twitter!
> Best ~ Jackie
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> <image001.jpg>
> The ABC’s of Investing in Adult Education–In 140 Characters or Less!
> With thanks to Tom Sticht, COABE is publishing tweets Mr. Sticht has prepared using his well-known ABC’s of Investing in Adult Education. Tweet one-per-day starting September 1st-26th to help raise awareness of adult literacy.  
> A
> An investment in #AdultEdu produces "double duty dollars" & improves skills for work, home & community. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (122 characters)
> B
> Better educated parents tend to produce better educated children. #COABE #AEFLWeek #FamLit  (92 characters)
> C
> Child & #AdultEdu form "multiple life cycles" of education as parents transfer language & literacy to children. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (130 characters)
> D
> Develop integrated basic skills & work skills programs for cost-effective paths to higher paying jobs for adults. #COABE #AEFLWeek #wkdev  (139 characters)
> E
> Educating adult learners improves self-esteem & cost-effectively provides mental health outcomes along with literacy. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (136 characters)
> F
> Federal funds for #AdultEdu < $365/student; funds for Head Start > $7K /student. This is unfair and unjust. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (126 characters)
> G
> Globalization means America's adults must compete globally; adult workplace literacy programs help workers compete #COABE #AEFLWeek #wkdev  (140 characters)
> H
> #HealthLit programs can increase adults' understanding of medical problems & contribute to medical cost-savings. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (131 characters)
> I
> Intergenerational transfer to children of motivation for learning occurs when parents engage in #literacy programs. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (134 characters)
> J
> Just-in-time basic skills education in workplaces has helped adults keep jobs from being lost to foreign competition. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (136 characters)
> K
> Knowledge is as important as skill development & grows fast in adult functional context literacy programs. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (125 characters)
> L
> Literacy education in adulthood is an important contributor to success in pre-school programs in childhood. #COABE #AEFLWeek #FamLit  (134 characters)
> M
> Military chaplains at Valley Forge, Pa. taught the ABC's to illiterate soldiers in the War for Independence, 1777. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (133 characters)
> N
> Navy R&D found that each $1 invested in basic skills training returned $14-$22 in recruitment & training savings. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (132 characters)
> O
> Organizational improvements in recruitment & job productivity have resulted from workplace literacy programs. #COABE #AEFLWeek #wkdev  (135 characters)
> P
> Promoting the #AdultEdu & Literacy System (AELS) of the U.S. should be a major activity for business & industry. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (131 characters)
> Q
> Quantitative & qualitative data show that adult literacy education has led to the growth of democracy in our nation. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (135 characters)
> R
> Renewed commitment to adult literacy education by policymakers will return benefits to children & the #workforce. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (132 characters)
> S
> Social inclusion w/increased social justice requires that investments in adult literacy education be increased. #COABE #AEFLWeek #AdultEdu  (140 characters)
> T
> Training programs w/functional context designs can help adults move quickly from poverty into well-paying jobs. #COABE #AEFLWeek #wkdev  (137 characters)
> U
> Under-educated adults are presently under-served by a grossly under-funded & marginalized #AdultEdu system. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (126 characters)
> V
> Volunteers serving adult literacy needs ought to be reinforced by even greater numbers of FT, paid teachers. #COABE #AEFLWeek #AdultEdu  (137 characters)
> W
> Women's literacy education is of special importance in producing more secondary school & college graduates. #COABE #AEFLWeek #AdultEdu  (136 characters)
> X
> Xenophobia-fear/hatred of strangers/foreigners-is fought every day in the Adult Literacy & Education System of U.S. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (134 characters)
> Y
> Young adults can receive literacy education & improve their own life chances & those of children they may have. #COABE #AEFLWeek #AdultEdu  (140 characters)
> Z
> Zest & zeal for life & a greater chance for success in pursuing happiness are intangibles resulting from #AdultEdu. #COABE #AEFLWeek  (134 characters)
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