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Definitely good news when it all passes :)

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 9:52 AM, Jeff Carter <jeffcrtr at gmail.com> wrote:

> Joel has now corrected his correction!
> Under the proposed deal, for both FY 2016 and FY 2017, both NDD and
> defense spending will be getting an increase of $33 billion compared to FY
> 2015 (this year’s) levels.
> Longer explanation below if you are interested:
> For FY 2016, both NDD and defense caps are increased by $25 billion each,
> and then something called the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) fund is
> increased by $8 billion each for defense and non-defense. So in effect,
> both NDD an defense receives a $33 billion increase.
> For FY 2017, the caps are increased by only $15 billion each, and will get
> the same $8 billion OCO increases. But, because the FY 2017 NDD cap under
> current law was already going up by $10 billion, the total FY 2017 level
> will come out the same as the FY 2016 level, as compared to FY 2015, for
> both NDD and defense.
> Jeff
> Begin forwarded message:
> *From: *Joel Packer <jpacker at cef.org>
> *Subject: **More on the budget deal - good news*
> *Date: *October 27, 2015 at 10:07:37 AM EDT
> *To: *Joel Packer <jpacker at cef.org>
> *Good news!  After reading through the budget agreement
> <https://rules.house.gov/bill/114/hr-1314> again and comparing the numbers
> to current caps and appropriations levels for OCO, for FY 2016 both NDD and
> defense caps are increased by $25 billion each.  PLUS, the OCO levels are
> increased by $8 billion each for defense and nondefense OCO, so in effect,
> each receives a $33 billion increase.*
> *For FY 2017 the caps are increased by $15 billion each plus the OCO
> increases, which are again $8 billion each compared to FY 15, for a total
> of $23 billion each in FY 2017.*
> See the attached new chart I did.  OMB and House Democratic leadership
> staff just verified to me that this is correct. Please ignore and discard
> the previous chart I sent.
> So, we were pushing for a $37 billion increase in NDD for FY 2016 and got
> an increase of $33 billion. The FY 2017 level will then be the same as the
> FY 2016 level.
> *Speaker Boehner announced to the Republican conference that the House
> will vote on the deal tomorrow!*
> Here are more reactions and stories:
> ·         *Speaker Boehner’s Remarks to House Republicans on the
> Bipartisan Budget Act
> <http://www.speaker.gov/press-release/speaker-boehner-s-remarks-house-republicans-bipartisan-budget-act>*
>   - includes a good summary of the deal
> ·
> *Reid Statement On Bipartisan Budget Agreement
> <http://www.reid.senate.gov/press_releases/2015-10-27-reid-statement-on-bipartisan-budget-agreement>*“Democrats
> have long called for bipartisan action to stop devastating sequester cuts
> from hitting our nation’s military and our middle class. With this
> agreement, we’ve done just that.
> “Democrats and Republicans have come to a responsible agreement that
> places the needs of our nation above Republicans’ partisan agenda. While
> this agreement is not perfect, it addresses both investment in domestic
> priorities that benefit the middle class and defense spending. And with
> this agreement, we avoid a major threat to jobs and the economy.
> The time to do away with the devastating sequester cuts that are harming
> our middle class and our military is now. Democrats hope to end
> sequestration for the good of the country.”
> ·
> *Pelosi Statement on Introduction of Budget Agreement
> <http://www.democraticleader.gov/newsroom/pelosi-statement-on-introduction-of-budget-agreement-fy2016/>*“The
> bipartisan budget package unveiled last night represents real progress for
> hard-working families across the country.  At long last, we have broken the
> sequester’s stranglehold on our national defense and our investments in
> good-paying jobs and the future of America.
> “We successfully secured equal increases in funding defense and
> non-defense priorities.  We have extended the solvency of Social Security
> Disability Insurance and protected millions of seniors from a significant
> increase in their Medicare Part B premiums and deductibles next year.  Most
> importantly, we have affirmed that the full faith and credit of the United
> States is non-negotiable and inviolable with the inclusion of a clean debt
> limit suspension in this package.”
> ·         *From CQ:* A White House official speaking on background issued
> a favorable assessment of the bipartisan *budget-debt ceiling deal*
> <http://www.cq.com/doc/govdoc-4779111> announced by Republican
> congressional leaders on Monday night. The official said that President *Barack
> Obama* repeatedly has urged that Congress come up with a deal that lifts
> sequestration caps and provides equal relief for defense and nondefense
> programs, and the congressional pact meets those requirements. The deal is
> "responsible" and protects key priorities, the official said.
> "While this agreement is indeed a compromise, it is promising that
> Democrats and Republicans in Congress were able to come together to reach a
> strong agreement that would break the cycle of short-sighted, crisis-driven
> decision-making," said the official. "We urge Members of Congress from both
> parties to take the next step and pass a budget based on this agreement."
> ·         *Ryan says budget process 'stinks'
> <http://thehill.com/policy/finance/258188-ryan-says-budget-process-stinks>*
>  (*The Hill*)
> “Paul Ryan is distancing himself from a pending budget deal ahead of his
> expected election later this week as House Speaker.”
> ·
> *Paul Ryan blasts Boehner for budget deal
> <http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/paul-ryan-blasts-john-boehner-senate-white-house-budget-deal-215182> (Politico)*"This
> is not the way to do the people's business," the Wisconsin Republican said.
> "And under new management we are not going to do the people's business this
> way. We are up against a deadline - that's unfortunate. But going forward
> we can't do the people's business. As a conference we should've been
> meeting months ago to discuss these things to have a unified strategy going
> forward."
> ·         *Conservatives already trashing new budget deal
> <http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/budget-house-republicans-conservatives-215177>*
>  (*Politico*)
> “…conservative lawmakers, eager to keep the strict spending caps from a
> 2011 budget agreement intact, were very skeptical of the deal after they
> emerged from close-door briefings with their leaders on Monday night.”
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